What is the most important maintenance on a car?

The use that one gives to cars is based largely on personal needs. But what everyone agrees on is that it becomes a means that facilitates the transfer through the city, in addition to increasing the quality and comfort of your trips.

Only you have to keep in mind that you also need care and this is most important maintenance on a car, it’s not as complicated as you think.

Take note of the 10 essential things for car maintenance

Oil review

This liquid is basic for its proper functioning and included in the most important car maintenance, although already it is been told you how often it should be changed, it never hurts to remember it. So, in the case of old vehicles, it is recommended to replace it at 5,000 or 8,000 km.

Battery change

Some experts recommend constantly checking it if it already has several years of use, in order to anticipate a failure outside the home.


This topic is very wide, because inside the car there is not only one, but several with different objectives.

Oil filter

Its wear is natural and constant because it is responsible for retaining particles that affect engine performance.

Air filter

In order to guarantee the passage of air to the engine, as well as its quality, to ensure combustion it is important to check it regularly and more if it circulates through dusty terrain.

Fuel filter

Responsible for cleaning the impurities of gasoline in common vehicles, while if it works with diesel, it is responsible for removing water and elements that can cause corrosion.

Cabin filter

Cleans the air by trapping the particles and thus promotes the health of the occupants. That is why a review is essential every time a change in the environment is perceived.

Alignment and balancing

To avoid vibrations in the steering wheel, this service is of vital importance. It is recommended to take the car every 10,000 km in order to have a precise direction at different speeds, as well as even tire wear.

Tires and shock absorbers

There are multiple things need to maintenance in car, tire wears out is one of them, from the components, to the way it is driven.

For these reasons it is necessary to maintain a good pressure on the tires, verify that they do not have holes.


If you have felt that you must press the brake pedal harder and harder, it is very likely that you need a change of pads to avoid any accident.

Exhaust and catalyst

Everyone knows that in order to pass the vehicle verification, certain rules regarding emitted particles must be met.


Who doesn’t want to go out every day in a dazzling car? Taking care of both the body and the paint will prolong the beauty of your vehicle, while preventing its market value from falling too low when looking to sell it.


During the night, and even the day, the lights play an important role, since in the front they light the road and from behind they tell the drivers the distance they must keep to avoid accidents.


A document that you must have saved and protected as it will help you save some money. But you should know that in order not to lose your benefits, all the services must be done at your dealership.