How to survive in abroad when you stuck with no money

Most of the individuals would often like to go abroad to enjoy their life better with their friends and family members. Travelling and living in abroad is really very fun aspect to everyone but it is a very hard time when you stuck there with no money. At this situation, you might feel bad without money and you think how to survive in abroad. It might be the very common situation which would happen for many people in different times. Everyone can easily solve this problem without money in abroad and survive there to live a normal life.

Running out of money and stuck abroad:

dollar on the wallRunning out of money while you are traveling out of the town can happen due to the various reasons. Some of the people would like to buy anything they see and they give money for buying it and at last they don’t have anything in hand. The prices in the abroad countries are definitely higher than the local prices thus your money will not be enough for finishing your travel successfully. Dislike to the local expenses, the foreign expenses is more and you can’t spend money even for your day to day necessities. Thus, your expenses in the abroad countries will be higher and exceed your budget than you originally planned.

Sometimes, the bank cards of the travelers just stop working because of different reasons. At such situation, you can’t able to tackle such situation in a better way. In some of the countries, robbers and pickpockets get off your money and pull you in the bad situation. When you lose all the money due to the robbery done by the intruders, it is very bad at such time but everything can be easily solved as follows.

 How to survive abroad without money:

  • Temporarily work local – If you don’t have money in hand while going to the abroad country, you can join as the temporary worker in any company or shop to get some money. It can be a very easier process to earn some amount of money for easy surviving needs there. There are so many shops readily available to provide you such a great temporary work and give money at the end of the day.sings on the street
  • Housing or food in exchange for work – Some of the hostels and many campsites are always ready to give food/accommodation in the exchange for your hard work. If you have done any work to such companies or hostels, they will give you foods for your work.
  • Becoming a part time hobo – There are so many numbers of supermarkets, soup kitchens and some of the food making industries where you can join as the part time hobo for the meals. If you are working as the part time scavenge or hobo, you can definitely get the foods at the end of the day.


All of these ways are really working and very useful to survive in the abroad countries when you stuck there without money.