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How valuable would it be if you could sit down with a group of leading process improvement experts and ask them for their best process improvement strategy or tactic?

We enlisted a group of experts to share their most effective process improvement ideas and asked each expert the same opening question -

“What is your best process improvement strategy or tactic that has worked really well for you or your clients?”



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What’s beyond process?

The interviews here at 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success have provided a fascinating higher perspective look at the world of process and performance improvement.

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What’s New!

Karen Martin

Karen Martin

My latest interview is with Karen Martin, author of The Outstanding Organization and winner of the Shingo Prize. She shares so many OUTSTANDING ideas… don’t miss this one!  Read my interview with Karen here: Create a Collective View of the Future that Everyone Can Relate to with Value Stream Mapping.

Published at Cutter

Cutter IT Journal

Cutter IT Journal

Are the problems most organizations have with their processes and their process improvement initiatives more fundamental and pervasive than a software development methodology can address?

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A follow-up email to the article: The Path to Leadership

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